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Tel: 0207 653 1981
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Services & Products From Hawkeye

Security Products

 Hawkeye specialise in the design, supply and installation of all types and size of CCTV/Security systems, products and services including bespoke CCTV & Audio systems for military and training purposes.

 As an independent company Hawkeye is not aligned to any one particular manufacturer and is therefore able to specify and supply equipment best suited to meet the specificïc requirements and/or budget of our customers.

 Examples of some of the products that we use can be seen in the accompanying pages, however this does not represent the full range of products available to us, please feel free to call with your requirements or questions.

 If you require a site survey this can be arranged very quickly and is completely free of charge. One of our engineers will survey your site/premises which will be followed by a written report or quotation.


 We also design, pre-build and test systems for our customers to install themselves.

 Where restricted budgets are available and the customer wishes to install a system themselves then we can assist in many ways. Whether it be design & supply, supply and commission etc.

 Included with the systems (where required) are all of the cables, connectors and any special tools required as well as instructions and a system schematic drawing.

 The following is a brief list of some of the work we carry out:


�         Single camera systems (inc. networked cameras)

�         Multi camera systems

�         Pan/tilt heads

�         High speed dome cameras

�         Day/night cameras

�         CCTV Video Transmission

�         Covert cameras & systems (inc. audio)

�         Digital Recording (inc. RAID)

�         Network Systems

�         Remote viewing (via the internet)

�         CCTV with integrated audio

�         CCTV Consoles

�         CCTV Video Walls

�         CCTV Repairs & Maintenance

�         CCTV Ancillaries

�         CCTV & Audio for Teaching/Training

�         CCTV for Harsh environments

�         CCTV for Intrinsically safe areas

�         CCTV for Process Monitoring/Health &  Safety

�         Bespoke Systems

�         System Upgrades

�         Video Entry Systems (Flats & Apartments)

�         Door entry systems

�         Access Control


Head office
Tel:  01480 811 276

London office
Tel:  0207 653 1981

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Head office
Huntingdon Business Centre, Blackstone Road, Huntingdon, Cambs, PE29 6EF
Tel:  01480 811 276   FAX:  01480 811256

London office
Albert Buildings, 49 Queen Victoria Street, London, EC4N 4SA
Tel:  0207 653 1981   FAX:  0207 653 1982

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