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System Components



1) Introduction

Hawkeye supply and install both internal and external audio systems (and equipment) for many applications. A system can be as simple as a P.A., Hospital paging system or a multi station intercom/ system or a more sophisticated dedicated training/teaching system incorporating CCTV. Systems can be overt or covert, below are some examples of an overt installation.

A console comprising of three operator positions, the positions are prioritised so that the more senior operator can take control (and the audio) from either of the other two operators. The system incorporates both CCTV and audio together with Digital recording.



CCTV console with multiple audio sources (manual mixing) and Digital recording.




This shows a traditional overt camera and high grade microphone. This microphone uses a Phantom PSU negating the need for battery changes and ensuring the highest quality of audio.




A typical overt CCTV system with audio used for training purposes. Boundary layer microphones with Phantom PSUs are used with this system.







2) System Components


Boundary Layer Microphone
For surface mount applications
Low-profile design for minimum visibility
Integral power module




Boundary Layer Microphone
For surface mount applications
High-quality sound pickup 
Omni directional
Operates on battery or phantom power
Low-profile design for minimum visibility


Boundary Layer Microphone
Omni directional
On/off switch on bottom
Low-profile design for minimum visibility




Paging Microphone
Adjustable unidirectional gooseneck
Three minutes of CD-quality digital storage
Built-in monitor speaker
Adjustable broadcast delay time
Adjustable mic, speaker and chime volume




Desktop Paging Microphone
Push-to-talk bar with locking lever
Extra switch contact for mute or relay control





Cardioid condenser lavalier microphone
Designed for quality sound reinforcement
Small size and excellent response provide crisp,
full-sounding voice pickup
Low-profile element provides uniform cardioid
polar pattern with 120� acceptance angle


Digital Sound Repeater
Ideal for kiosks and retail displays
Built-in amplifier and speaker
Motion sensor for automatic activation
Over six minutes of CD-quality digital storage





Single channel 48V Phantom PSU
Allows the use of remote-powered microphones
with systems that do not supply phantom power
Shielded from electrostatic interference
Provides a constant voltage source, even with a heavily loaded input


4 Channel 48V Phantom PSU
Allows the use of remote-powered microphones
with systems that do not supply phantom power
Shielded from electrostatic interference
Provides a constant voltage source, even with
a heavily loaded input
Steel case


Digital Mixer
Up to 12 mic/line I/P and 8 line O/P
Matrixing allows users to store
& recall any I/P to O/P combination
for multi-zone or room-combining applications.
Programmed via the front panel display or PC control software


1/3 octave Graphic Equalizer
Precision calibrated linear scale for sliders.
High and low pass filters.
�12 dB input gain control.
In/out peak level indicator




Four Mic/Line inputs
Balanced I/P & O/P output are individually
switchable between mic and line-level
Individual gain controls for each channel
Master output level control
Mounts in a single 19" half-rack space


8-Channel Mixer/Pre-Amplifier
Individual Channel and Master Volume Controls
Bass/Treble Tone Controls
Connections for external mixers & recording devices
Can be rack-mounted


Passive Rack Monitor Panel
Ten inputs
VU meter
Accepts 25 V, 50 V, 70 V and 100 V speaker line signals
Internal speaker with selector switch
Black finish


Network Audio Transmitter
Transmits mic or line-level audio
signals over IP-based LAN/WAN
Applications include wide area paging
background music or messaging audio distribution


Clean Room Speaker
For clean rooms, hospitals and laboratory applications
3.5� full-range cone driver
2.5 W tap





Weather-Resistant Speaker
Two-way 5-1/4" weather-resistant speaker system
with 1" dome tweeter.
Easily mounted on walls or under eaves with
Polypropylene enclosure in dark grey.
Built-in 70/100-volt transformer adjustable via a rotary switch


High-performance tuned, ported enclosure
Acoustic band pass filter design
Heavy-duty 10" woofer for high power handling
and extended low frequency response



Infrared Conference Controller
Supports up to 64 Chairperson and Delegate Stations
Aux and Mic inputs
PA/Record output
Headphone output
Priority option modes
Up to four simultaneous speakers





Infrared Chairperson Station
Priority button for automatic over-ride
delegate stations with priority chime tone
Talk button, Built-in speaker
Adjustable monitor volume
Headphone output





Infrared System Controller
Supports up to 96 Chairperson and Delegate Stations 
Convenient vote results display
Second language channel for simultaneous interpretation
Three Aux and two Mic inputs
PA/Record output
Headphone output  
Up to four simultaneous speakers


Hawkeye Specialist Pan-Tilt Heads


Hawkeye are agents for Moog Inc manufacturers of highly durable azimuth / elevation control mounts and tripods for some of the most demanding payload conditions.

Why we chose Quickset products:

     1)  Large payload for the size of the mount
     2)  Dependable
     3)  Rugged
     4)  Friendly & responsive service

Quickset platforms are used in military, transit, broadcasting, microwave and countless other applications. With more than seventy years experience Quickset have a proven record for supplying equipment with an unsurpassed longevity, ruggedness and innovation.

We together with Quickset can tailor a solution to meet any requirements. We will evaluate your specific requirements and together with Quickset devise an effective solution.

Hawkeye have been acting as agents for Quickset since the 1980's and frequently visit their factory. It is from this long term and interpersonal relationship that we are able to assure you of the high quality and reliability of their products.

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