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Above shows the remarkable image captured from a camera mounted in at the face of a kiln. Temperature within the kiln are in excess of 1000 degree's centigrade. 

The camera housing is water cooled and has an air barrier (uses compressed air) at the front to stop the heat permeating through the Vicor glass.


Transportable System This system can be transported using a small vehicle and deployed within minutes.

It is fitted with a high payload variable speed pan-tilt head, the information from which is recorded. Audio commentary can also be recorded if required.

  Showing part of a transportable system stowed in a purpose built case ready for use.











A high speed transportable system. This system employs a controller on which the azimuth and elevation can be plotted using digital readouts displayed on the front of the controller.

Ideal for monitoring a number of pre-set locations.


  Transportable Control Console.

Efficient and compact without sacrificing performance or operator ease of use.

Ideal choice for quick response surveillance needs in temporary premises.


  A Bespoke console employing preset positions and motion detection.










A semi deployable CCTV system that is becoming quite popular.

Incorporating two types of camera. A thermal imaging camera and a high resolution day / night camera.


  Custom Kit System.

The system is pre-built and tested, it is then shipped to the customer where it is incorporated into a vehicle.

Customers or our engineers may install.

  An explosion proof housing. Ideal for ensuring image capture during and after an explosion.

This unit is installed on an oil rig support vessel.





A static dual camera unit mounted on a variable speed pan-tilt head fitted with pre-set potentiometers.

This unit allows image capture where others may not.



  A LandRover based CCTV system incorporating two types of camera.

A thermal imaging camera and a high resolution day / night camera.




A 1200mm manual iris, manual zoom lens, this lens was specially converted for the customer.

Motors were fitted so that it could be driven electrically. By having this unit converted by us thousands of pound were saved.






  A typical CCTV installation employing CCTV with multiple audio sources.

All being recorded on to a Digital recording system.



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