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Tel: 0207 653 1981
Huntingdon (HQ)
Tel: 01480 811 276

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Hawkeye Lease Rental

Lease Option - Maximise your budget!

In business it is only natural to lease premises, cars and copiers - so why not the ideal security solution?

  • We can spread the cost of the system required on to a smaller, more manageable rental charge

  • The charge is fixed for the term of the lease, so no surprises

  • Rentals under our contracts are fully tax deductible - much more tax efficient than outright purchase

  • Digital solutions start at less than £8 per week when leased over 5 years

Rentals are paid quarter and begin after the system has been installed. Leasing is offered subject to status. Our bespoke quote will suit the needs of your premises.

Visit Chelsea Vale site: www.chelseavale.co.uk


We accept credit card payment using:

Hawkeye Security & Surveillance Systems CCTV directory for U.K. & London

Head office
Huntingdon Business Centre, Blackstone Road, Huntingdon, Cambs, PE29 6EF
Tel:  01480 811 276   FAX:  01480 811256

London office
Albert Buildings, 49 Queen Victoria Street, London, EC4N 4SA
Tel:  0207 653 1981   FAX:  0207 653 1982

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