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Hawkeye Health & Safety Policy

Health and Safety Policy

Company Safety Policy

1. General statement of Intent
2. Code of Practice - Organisational Responsibilities
3. Code of Practice - Organisational Arrangements

Health & Safety at work act 1974

Company Health & Safety Policy

Hawkeye Security & Surveillance Systems Ltd accepts and recognises its responsibilities as an employer to provide safe, healthy working conditions and environment for its employees. The Company has a full commitment to Health & Safety and realises it has a prime responsibility to take every reasonable step to ensure:

"A reasonably practicable standard of Health & Safety for all its employees, trainees and the employees of any other Company or Organisation that may legitimately be on its premises and for any member of the public that my be affected by its activities."

The Managing Director of the Company has overall responsibility for Health & Safety and the Directors, Regional/Branch Managers and Line Managers will ensure safety standards are maintained.

Management at all levels in the Company will endeavour to meet the objectives of this Policy so far as it is reasonably practicable, to ensure:
(a) That plant and machinery is installed and maintained to an acceptable standard of safety and that it is operated under a safe system of work.
(b) That any article or substance is handled, stored and transported in a safe manner.
(c) That any place of work is maintained in a safe condition and provided with safe means of access and egress.
(d) That all items of new machinery or plant will be thoroughly checked to see that it is safe before being taken in to use.
(e) That all plant and equipment such as cranes, lifting gear, air receivers, etc., will be tested, thoroughly examined and certified in accordance with the appropriate legislation and its requirements.
That adequate fire precautions are taken in line with Fire Precautions Act 1971.
Arrangements will be made for the provision of such information, instruction, training and supervision of employees as may be necessary. Particular attention will be given to trainees and young persons who are employed within the Company or who are under-going Training.
This Safety Policy and Code of Practice will be available at all Company Centres/Offices as a reference on Health & Safety aspects.
The line Manager of each business centre within Company will ensure that safety committees are set up and meet on a regular basis to review and discuss all aspects of Health & Safety.
The Company will encourage and fully co-operate with the work of safety committees and safety representatives and will implement any recommendations made, providing these are reasonably practicable and in accord with the Company's safety Policy.
The Company expects every employee and trainee to fully co-operate in its Safety Policy and, in particular, to take reasonable care for the health & safety of themselves and any other person who may be affected by their acts or omissions. This co-operation is required, without question, with Management in complying with any legal requirements placed upon it by the Factories Act, any other legislation and the Health & Safety at Work Act.
No person shall intentionally or recklessly interfere with or misuse anything provided in the interests of Health, Safety and Welfare.

An employee is expected to report to Management:
1. An incident, however trivial the injury, whether received on Company premises or on site.
2. Any failure to plant or equipment such as lifting gear, abrasive wheels, safety trips, etc., whether it has caused an accident or not.
3. Any particular situation, which the employee feels, is or may lead to, a dangerous situation.

The Managing Director and each Director is responsible for monitoring the Safety Policy and taking such steps as may be necessary to ensure that it is effective and consistent throughout the Company.

This document supersedes and replaced any previous Company Safety Policy Document.



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